"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 secrets

I haven't been blogging for awhile now and I am having a difficult time getting back into it. After reading my friend Sarah's blog and how she started doing the 10 day you challenge to get back into blogging, I figure that I might as well try it too! I have a feeling it may end up harder then I think.

So here goes nothing.

10 Secrets About Me

1. I really enjoy the kid's Disney show Good Luck Charlie.  To the point where I saw a new episode was coming on and I make a point to turn it on that channel- and the kids were sleeping. I used to hide it from Matt but now I just embrace it.

2. I went through a 'rough patch' when I was about 18 years old. Not my proudest days and a lot of sadness and darkness but yet it's what made me who I am now.

3. I got cited with underage drinking when I was 18 (see #2) I almost didn't post this because I really am not proud of that, but then I thought who I was then is not who I am now and that dark moment in my life is actually what helped me to turn around and see some light, so I need to own that.

4. I wanted to be a mom of 3 or 4 boys (This was before I had any kids. God usually has different plans)

5. I have dyscalculia.  I had no idea that is what it was when I was school I always just felt stupid and let that get to me with academics in general but now I know that I wasn't stupid after all and I wish I didn't let it affect me the way it did (and still does) Claire is pretty good with math and knows her left and rights better then me (yes, I still mix those up way more then a 28 yr old should.) I think she will be OK. Emily concerns me though, just because she is so much more like me.

6. I am not a good parent all the time. Sometimes(a lot of time) I don't play with the kids (right now Noah is napping and the girls are exploring outside with umbrellas and book bags filled with their lunch- and I am in the house typing this --I am right at the sliding doors so I can see and hear them at least--) I don't think I am as involved as I could be with their play. I feel guilty about this a lot. but I really do get bored playing with them all the time!

7. Don't upset me or you WILL pay!  haha. I am sweet. I really am. I am not bothered by much, I get along with a lot of people. People that some that others don't even get along with. I guess at times I am a pushover even, but if I feel strong enough and I feel very serious about something or very wronged, it will not be good. It takes a lot to upset me like that, but if I am, I am VERY good at just cutting you out of my life and washing my hands clean of you!

8. We have 2 pet rats, Lucy and Cuckoo. This is a secret because I told myself and Matt that that we would not get any more small animals, but we did. I guess in a way I didn't want to fully admit it to myself that we do have them, because that would indeed make us officially an animal farm. I haven't told anyone but now it's a good time to announce it! I really like them, one is litter trained and the other one, well we are working on it! Rats are great pets for kids- the best rodents you could have!

9. I am the biggest procrastinator. Well this is truly no secret to anyone that really knows me. I really am terrible at it, so much so that if I am not careful, it can affect my life.

10. I am impulsive (see #8).  This is usually a bad thing but I have heard some say it can be good. I would like to see how.

So that is me and I make no apologies for it!

Next time I write, it was be 9 Loves- I have a feeling that one will be much easier!

Have a lovely day and I hope to see YOU do the day '10 Day You Challenge' as well!