"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Friday, November 26, 2010


This year I made my first real Thanksgiving meal myself.. AHHH! It actually turned out pretty well and I timed everything perfectly to finish at the same time (that's the hardest part for me!) It was a bit stressful because everyone including me is still sick. The kids are getting better but they are irritable and just not themselves still. It was a little rough but we somehow survived. Now today things are slowly starting to look a little brighter (and I think we are starting to feel better). I think the best part of our Thanksgiving meal was having Claire get excited and dress up, put flowers at the table and set the table. She was really into it, and that made me feel good. That worse part for me was afterwards when we had nothing to do. I am used to piling into another room with family and drinking coffee and talking, and it's just not the same. We will have to find a new thing to do, a new tradition. This year we were all under the weather so I'll let it slip, but next year we'll make more out of the day.

We made Thankful leaves and I read them out loud to everyone.. here are a few things Claire was Thankful for this year:
 -Jesus making the whole town
-Thankful for Noah
-The card Lilly made her
-Mommy giving her a Carebear picture

Claire dressed for Thanksgiving dinner

I had to take a picture of them getting along. Claire was reading Emily a book
Emily chose not to sit at the table

So she was to stay in her room til she was ready to join us

Noah dived right in!


Emily realizes it's more fun to be with family then alone in a room

Claire fixing her floral centerpiece

Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I'm Learning About the South

I often find myself thinking about how different things are down here. I didn't even realize it at first but I seem to be making a mental list; slowly adding a new thing every few days. I think this is good for me, in a strange way.  It helps me to enjoy and embrace the difference, for these things are always something good or quirky (and I like quirky) I always get bored with the 'same ole, same ole' and so this small, yet slowly growing list helps me see the good in the new life I am now living.

1. The 4 way stop signs are "all way" stop signs

2. Shopping carts are buggies

3. If someone starts the conversation off as "I've lived here all my life" I know right off the bat that I will be saying "what?" and "huh?" quite a few times in our conversation. (thick accents are so hard to understand!)

4. You will be invited to a lot of churches by a lot of people, most are Baptist.

5. Not everyone will greet you and be friendly but those that are, will be very warm and welcoming and you won't forget them.

6. Bread seems to get moldy quicker here (I guess this isn't a positive thing, but it is something that I noticed)

7. The fall is warmer!! :)

I'm going to slowly add to this list as i learn new things..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nap Time Talk

Everyone is sleeping!!

The girls loved sorting out and playing with money money today- it kept them busy while I did a few things around the hosue.  They have their own piggy banks but we left them at our house in PA so I decided to make them new ones. I just got a peanut container and bread crumbs container and cut a slit on the lid. I think later today or tomorrow we will break out the feathers and glue and have some fun with it.

 We had an Open House yesterday at our home in PA, not much is going on with it but we are still hopeful. I am grateful for this time in our apartment though. It's really allowing us to figure out where we want to live when it does come time to buy a house. Also it helps us to save some extra money since ITT is paying for our rent and ulities here. Of course we still have to make our monthly house payments but not much else. So this is good for us to be here for awhile. I just have to look on the bright side, right?

   I have all of Claire's paper work ready and hope she can get in and get her vaccinations so she can start school ASAP.  Also want to check out a rec center nearby that apparently has a playground in it. I finally found a play group nearby and once Claire starts school, I want to start going. I am getting more brave about taking kids out all at once, I guess I just have no choice. Also it's killing me but I have to be a grown up and make phone calls and other things like that.  I usually try to avoid those type of things or make Matt do it.  Again, I just have no choice. I guess I am starting to be a grown up now whether or not I want to ! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Day in Greenville

..Well not actually a whole day spent in Greenville, but oh well, you get the point! Today we wanted to try a little bit of the city life. When I want little bit of home, I willtravel about 30 minutes to Anderson. Clemson is 10 minutes away and a small college town. Still not much around but it's a little more 'happening'. In Seneca, where we live, it's a lot more secluded. Greenville is a near by city. It's a small city but it's nice. It seems well kept and pretty. I'm not a fan of cities and I doubt I will be driving there by myself much but it's where you go if you want in on a little more action and fun. We hope to visit the Greenville Zoo soon.
 Here is a link you can go to if you are intrested in seeing more of the downtown Greenville area: http://www.thebestkeptsecretofthesouth.com/greenvilleSCphotos.html

The kids missed their nap besides the small cat nap all three kids took while driving there. It was a nice time just driving and talking to Matt awhile our kids slept. Soon enough, they all woke and it was time to explore. The kids were full of energy as usual and it took a lot of effort to keep them near us and from running off full speed. They really enjoyed the Falls Park, it was beautiful and is really neat to see something like that in the middle of the city!  I'm looking forward to seeing the area in the spring.

Now the family is home, the girls are in bed. Matt and I are watching football- the Packers are in the lead against Dallas. Noah just woke up to eat and Matt has him out to watch the game with him even though he should be put back to bed. Oh well.

 Good night, everyone!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (on a Thursday- Oops!)

Forgot to post my "Wordless Wednesday" picture yesterday!

Can you guess what I was making ??
(my wordless wednesdays are not very wordless)