"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I'm Learning About the South

I often find myself thinking about how different things are down here. I didn't even realize it at first but I seem to be making a mental list; slowly adding a new thing every few days. I think this is good for me, in a strange way.  It helps me to enjoy and embrace the difference, for these things are always something good or quirky (and I like quirky) I always get bored with the 'same ole, same ole' and so this small, yet slowly growing list helps me see the good in the new life I am now living.

1. The 4 way stop signs are "all way" stop signs

2. Shopping carts are buggies

3. If someone starts the conversation off as "I've lived here all my life" I know right off the bat that I will be saying "what?" and "huh?" quite a few times in our conversation. (thick accents are so hard to understand!)

4. You will be invited to a lot of churches by a lot of people, most are Baptist.

5. Not everyone will greet you and be friendly but those that are, will be very warm and welcoming and you won't forget them.

6. Bread seems to get moldy quicker here (I guess this isn't a positive thing, but it is something that I noticed)

7. The fall is warmer!! :)

I'm going to slowly add to this list as i learn new things..


Supacool said...
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Supacool said...

The south is different than the north, but it's a good difference. People seem to be more genuine and caring than in the north. Things often move at a slightly slower pace, or seem to anyway. The weather is warmer and little or no snow in the winter. The misquotes are vicious lol, especially in the spring and fall.

Every place (geographically speaking) is different. In the south, they seem to appreciate the little everyday things that most of us in the north take for granted. All in all, I very much enjoyed my time living in the south. I live near Pittsburgh now, but I have lived in Texas, Alabama, and Georgia.

Congrats on the move and I hope life in the south treats you well. I think after you get acclimated to the way of life you will learn to love it!

Jim Martin