"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Friday, November 26, 2010


This year I made my first real Thanksgiving meal myself.. AHHH! It actually turned out pretty well and I timed everything perfectly to finish at the same time (that's the hardest part for me!) It was a bit stressful because everyone including me is still sick. The kids are getting better but they are irritable and just not themselves still. It was a little rough but we somehow survived. Now today things are slowly starting to look a little brighter (and I think we are starting to feel better). I think the best part of our Thanksgiving meal was having Claire get excited and dress up, put flowers at the table and set the table. She was really into it, and that made me feel good. That worse part for me was afterwards when we had nothing to do. I am used to piling into another room with family and drinking coffee and talking, and it's just not the same. We will have to find a new thing to do, a new tradition. This year we were all under the weather so I'll let it slip, but next year we'll make more out of the day.

We made Thankful leaves and I read them out loud to everyone.. here are a few things Claire was Thankful for this year:
 -Jesus making the whole town
-Thankful for Noah
-The card Lilly made her
-Mommy giving her a Carebear picture

Claire dressed for Thanksgiving dinner

I had to take a picture of them getting along. Claire was reading Emily a book
Emily chose not to sit at the table

So she was to stay in her room til she was ready to join us

Noah dived right in!


Emily realizes it's more fun to be with family then alone in a room

Claire fixing her floral centerpiece

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Mike said...

Love the Thanksgiving tale and the great photos/captions Kara! Thanks for keeping us all posted.