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Romans 12:12

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Day in Greenville

..Well not actually a whole day spent in Greenville, but oh well, you get the point! Today we wanted to try a little bit of the city life. When I want little bit of home, I willtravel about 30 minutes to Anderson. Clemson is 10 minutes away and a small college town. Still not much around but it's a little more 'happening'. In Seneca, where we live, it's a lot more secluded. Greenville is a near by city. It's a small city but it's nice. It seems well kept and pretty. I'm not a fan of cities and I doubt I will be driving there by myself much but it's where you go if you want in on a little more action and fun. We hope to visit the Greenville Zoo soon.
 Here is a link you can go to if you are intrested in seeing more of the downtown Greenville area: http://www.thebestkeptsecretofthesouth.com/greenvilleSCphotos.html

The kids missed their nap besides the small cat nap all three kids took while driving there. It was a nice time just driving and talking to Matt awhile our kids slept. Soon enough, they all woke and it was time to explore. The kids were full of energy as usual and it took a lot of effort to keep them near us and from running off full speed. They really enjoyed the Falls Park, it was beautiful and is really neat to see something like that in the middle of the city!  I'm looking forward to seeing the area in the spring.

Now the family is home, the girls are in bed. Matt and I are watching football- the Packers are in the lead against Dallas. Noah just woke up to eat and Matt has him out to watch the game with him even though he should be put back to bed. Oh well.

 Good night, everyone!

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Mike said...

Love what you're doing to your blog site, Kara. Your creativity is shining through. Thanks for the update on your life - enjoyed your post and photos on your Greenville visit. Glad you had time to see the Packers annhilate the Cowboys.