"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday's chit-chat

 I will start off saying that i will have to go out and buy some more Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters because by the time I am done writing this, ours will be all gone :)

Today is our first full day back since we came back from PA again. This is the real deal, because I don't have that thought of 'Oh I'll see everyone in two weeks when we come back to York' in the back of my head.
The kids have helped me cope today by being very well behaved. I even ventured out to walmart with all three of them! Of course I only managed to get half the things on my list but I truly felt as though I was on top of the world! We celebrated with popsicles once we got home :)

 It must be obvious that I am in a better mood and feel more in control because Claire came up to me and told me that I was being a such a sweet girl and so she will give me a hug. Nothing like a good pat on the back form your 4 year old!
 Also today I witnessed something jaw-dropping: Claire was holding her little star gem (she received from a fairy at the fairy festival months ago- a truly treasured item) and gave it to Emily and told her that she can hold it for a little while. Emily didn't even ask for it. I was very impressed. I think it's official that the "devil Child" title has gone from Claire.. and now I belive it is showing it's self to Emily..

Tonight I am going grocery shopping (on my own) I have yet to do a full grocery shopping trip. Our fridge and pantry is pretty bare, and it is needed. I am looking forward to it but not to hiking up the 3 flights of stairs with a family of 5's worth of groceries! Luckily I have a big, strong and helpful husband ! :)

This week I hope to..
-get things started some so Claire can get into preschool
-look for a pediatrician for the kids. Noah is soon due for a check up. 
-get South Carolina plates on our cars

Not a lot of things to do but it seems like a lot to me!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Claire the helper

It's so sweet to see Claire step in and help Emily. They fight terribly and often. At the same time I also am seeing her express her love for Emily now more then ever. Her social skills really seem to be developing much more these days and I see her really learning how to express her feelings better. I know that she loves Emily so much but sometimes she just can't her herself.. Tonight I caught Claire getting Emily's toothbrush ready and a cup of water for her in the bathroom before bed. It was sweet seeing her take care of her little sister! Just needed to share that before I head off to bed!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Been A Week

We have been here for a week now. In some ways this week was so incredibly long but in other ways, it really flew by.

 We are looking at preschools for Claire and have visited one and plan on visiting another one this coming week. This preschool right next to the Clemson campus, and even more exciting, the Mellow Mushroom izza place! That prechool looks promising to us but I guess we'll just have to see!

We have visited the Greenville Mall and Anderson Mall, I really like the Anderson area, about 20 minutes from Clemson.  Speaking of Clemson, I just love the school spirit around here! We hope to take the kids to a football game here sometime soon,  I think they may like it, even if we can't see the whole game.

We have gone to the Walhalla Oktoberfest on Saturday just to get out a bit. On Sunday, We went to a church called Foothills Community Church. The kids loved it, Matt and I liked it but not too sure, we want to check it out a few more times. We just really enjoy Pastor Steve's way of preaching at Living Word and it's hard to compare. But the message at Foothills was good, and we visited on a really good day and really got a chance to see what this church was really about. I feel confident that it is a good church, I just miss my old one.

It baffles me at how well Claire is accepting this move she is already calling PA our "old home" and this place our home.. I can't even do that yet! I'm so glad for that. the girl are fighting so much more now but every once in awhile I'll see them kissing or hugging (followed by a push/shove!) So it's good to know at least the love is there.

I love that there are so many parks hiking trails and waterfalls around here. They are everywhere. We just checked out one briefly today. We were in the Appalachians at blue ridge trails, only about 20 minutes away.  The girls loved it and I think we will do that stuff more often.

So far this week we have had nothing but sunny skies and warmth. The nights are getting colder though. And the sun seems much hotter here.

Over all it's been a good first week. I am stressed but mainly because the kids are not getting along well and  I don't know where to take them to keep them occupied.  Everyone is lacking sleep and are so cranky. Since I am busy with Claire and Noah, it can be hard to teach Emily the simple lessons that I have taught Claire at 2 years old (terrible twos). I am looking forward to Claire going to preschool so I can spend time with Emily and Noah and even just make sure I can practice with Emily in stores and teach her appropriate behaviors.

 This post was rushed, I hope it made sense. I just wanted to do a quick update about our first week before I went to bed!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting adjusted...

I'm laying in bed right now, just finished a small nap and Claire is napping beside me. The kids are so tired and grumpy all the time yet somehow can't seem to sleep! How does that work? This morning Claire told me I looked tired and why wasn't I sleeping? Funny child.

Matt is going to work for a half day so I need to find something to do with the kids today. I hope we survive!

I'm on my iPod right now, I think I will sneak out of the room and hopefully not wake Claire and finish writing on the computer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I'm starting Wordless Wednesday where I post a picture without explaination every Wednesday!
Here's today's photo: