"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Monday, February 21, 2011

A few randoms...

  • Noah is getting another tooth!

  • The whole family is sick but Claire is feeling the worst. Illness spreads through our house like wildfire :(

  • I think I may start Muffin Tin Mondays for lunch.. but knowing my track record with Wordless Wednesday, I wouldn't expect too much if I were you ;)

  • It's 70 degrees right now and I haven't even stepped foot out of these apartment doors to enjoy it :(

  • I'm waiting around all day, waiting to hear if we can get the house we want to rent- get me out of these blasted apartments!

  • Every time I see the lady who lives below us, she is "on her cell phone" and avoids eye contact  (for those that don't know, I had a cops visit my house in the afternoon because I guess my kids were making too much noise.. I'm a little bitter that no one talked to me first.)

  • I can not wait for my brothers wedding! Not looking forward to another 10-12 hr drive to PA but  the wedding will be great!! It'll be so much fun to be a bridesmaid and to see my girls as flower girls but most importantly, to see my brother marry such a great, lovely person. (I LOVE weddings!!)

  • I'm still not quite sure what we are to do with kitty when we move  :(

  • Mr T and Lola (the bearded dragons) are becoming great friends!

  •  While I was on the phone with Matt, Emily kept asking to talk to him. I handed over the phone and she rambled on about a picture she was drawling. She then suddenly stopped talking and handed the phone back to me. It's so great to see her talk so much now! She's come a long way, I was starting to get worried about her!

  • We bought adult sized crickets for Mr T and they are always chriping! I close my eyes and imagine a breezy, warm summer night along with the chriping and it makes me smile.

.. and a few random pictures to go with the random thoughts:

Sick girl still gives a princess smile for the camera

Emmy and her B

Mr T (and Lola in the background)

The pile of laundry that accumulates when the whole family gets sick : /

Claire drew this and didn't have anything to copy from- I was impressed

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