"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh Happy Day

  I am pleased to announce that my happiness has just gone up a few points these days.

    As I drive back to our apartments after just visiting our new house we are now renting (and waiting for our furniture and other belongings to arrive), I can't seem to stop smiling. I realize that this was it, this was the answer. At risk of possibly sounding materialistic, I have to say, having a house as opposed to an apartment makes me happy and I think it will improve my quality of life.
    Earlier this morning, after dropping Claire off at school, Emily, Noah and I stopped by the house so I could clean it. As I scrub the walls, I glance out the sliding glass door and notice Emily happily playing outside, with the sunlight streaming on her and a cool, feel-good breeze on her.  This is what a kid is supposed to be doing! Not stuck in some apartment all day.  They need to experience the elements, get dirty and play hard!  It's a fairly warm day today, about 65 degrees and sunny, perfect weather for a stroll through our new neighborhood and some exploring!  I strap the kids in the stroller and venture out.  I see a sidewalk; just one sidewalk that seems to lead somewhere, so I figured we might as well see where it takes us. We pass a calm, serene pond with two houses overlooking it, we go up a slight hill, (rendering me out of breathe due to the heavy double stroller and two children in it- what a nice workout!) as I follow the curves of the side walk, I start to see a blue roof and I know right away that it is the elementary school that Claire will be going to this fall (did I really say that? My baby is going to Kindergarten!?) I start imagining cool, fall afternoons of walking to the school to pick Claire up, having her skip beside me, excitedly talking about her day. I'm no fool though, I know it will most likely end up with a tired Claire, complaining about having to walk so much and me forgetting my baby carrier for Noah, so I will some how manage holding her and pushing a double stroller while everyone is tired, hungry and crying.. but I can dream, right?

    We get back to the apartments after picking Claire up from school, I unbuckled some cranky kids and got them to walk up the stairs, all while hearing them complain about how they are too tired to go up the stairs. We finally get to the door and I realize I left my keys in the (unlocked, thankfully) car so down the stairs I go, while listening to Emily screaming because she is just that grumpy and needs to let us all know; probably bothering all of our neighbors. I can not get out of here soon enough! Thank you God for helping us find this new house. I really liked the other house and I thought that was the one for us. We almost got it but this house came in at the last minute and won us over (seeing as how it allowed us to keep our dear kitty) I am realizing how this house is a better fit for us. Yes, it is a great deal smaller (less to clean!) but I love that there is a fenced yard for the kids to play all day in. I love that the driveway goes right up to the door of the house- so much easier for loading and unloading kids, groceries etc. I love that it is all on one floor, which greatly improves my likelihood of putting laundry away when done washing and folding it (stairs are so discouraging!) I love that there is a grocery store about 1 minute away from us, and a huge thrift store within walking distance. Now having the school within walking distance as well (but not too close) is another thing to add on my list.

    This love I have for our new place and it's neighborhood will slowly diminish slightly as the months go by, I'm sure of it. The excitement will wear off. The one thing I know is that this house is the best thing for us at the moment and I really can't imagine it being any worse the stuck up 3 flights of stairs, with 3 small kids and no yard!


Emily said...

I'm so excited for you guys Kara! I can't wait to see pics of your babes playing in that yard! :)

Emily said...

Oh and the new blog look is sensational!