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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Matt and I just put Claire in a toddler bed and it surprisingly went well!

I always joked about not doing that until she's 21! She is so active and really loves her crib so we figured it would be really hard to make the switch but it wasn't near as bad as I imagined! Maybe she was ready after all... or maybe this is just a fluke and tomorrow she will be horrible!

I think that it helps that it's still her crib just without one side so it's not unfamiliar to her. Usually when I put her to bed she has never once laid down. She is always jumping in her crib as I leave her room, so I was nervous about the whole situation but we just did the same bedtime routine and kept telling her it was her bed and she was to sleep in it. We then put her in the bed and left.

She followed us to the door but we just said goodnight, go to your bed and we shut the door. she tried to open the door 3 times (door knob cover on it) and then she turned off the fan and then grabbed her book end and brought it into bed with her. Later, I saw her spinning around while holding her blankie but then she crawled back to bed.. (we have a little window at the top of the door, so I was standing on a step stool, watching her!). She did roll out of bed, fell and started crying (we may need to pick up rails, I guess) but other then that, it was great. My only worry is since she shares a room with Emily, I don't want her to wake Emily up or climb in the crib to be Emily, (which she can do but she knows we don't like it) We'll see how tomorrow goes but I am very surprised with how it went today.

I don't even know why we did it. Matt just wanted to see how she'd react to it. I wasn't planning on doing the switch until she was closer to 3.

Next step .. potty training. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. We are just working on her not being scared of the potty right now!

Here's some pics of her first night in her big girl bed! I'm so proud of her!

Matt reading to her

Me stealing her "night night" (blankie)

She's kicking me off the bed..

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