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Romans 12:12

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few things this week..

Today, the girls and I went to Longs Park for lunch and a chance to look at the ducks and play. It was a lot of fun and I need to remember to do that more often. Claire is much better at playing on certain play grounds now and I love to watch her! It's fun (yet sad!) to imagine both the girls running around together by next year! I wish I brought my camera along today; I left it at home!

Claire is going back and forth from a toddler bed and her crib still. She does very well in her bed when she is really tired but if she is not utterly exhausted then she will keep herself awake longer by playing in her room.

In this picture, Claire is sleeping under her bed instead of in it!

Emily is starting to find her thumb and I think she is starting to favor a toy now! She cuddles it while she sleeps (I will have to take a picture of that because it is so cute to see!)

Emily sucking her thumb
..but she still prefers her nuk!

Claire still likes to eat her crayons. We have Crayola washable crayons. They are much softer and dissolve a little bit when they get wet so when she puts them in her mouth, it makes a big mess. One morning Matt let me sleep in. I woke up to this frightening sight:

Matt did that to her because she wasn't listening to him when he told her not to chew on the crayons. Don't worry, The crayon easily wiped right off. I thought it was sharpie at first, so you can imagine how I felt and the words I was about to have with Matt!

Claire went pee pee in her potty yesterday! I had her in training pants today to see if that would help her to realize to use the potty. It didn't! But she did look so adorable in her big girl training pants!

Claire in her training pants

~.~.*.~ ~.*.~ ~.*.~ .*. ~.*.~ ~.*.~ ~.*.~.~

here Claire is being a girly- girl with her bows, jewelry box and bracelet

Matt sanpped this pic of me sleeping next to Emily..it looks like I was just waking up! haha

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