"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 Random Things About Emily

1. Every time I put Emily in the bath, about 5 minutes later I'll catch her cold, naked little dripping wet tush running around the house, scavenging for toys to bring in the tub. It cracks me up, it happens almost every time, no matter what i put in the tub with her.

2. When Emily has something she really wants to tell you, she'll gently yet firmly hold on your jaw and have you look her right in the eye and tell with a slow, steady whisper.

3. Emily doesn't say the word "don't" she instead says "not". As in, "I not like this" or "I not know"
4. Emily's hair. It's just like mine. Her hair will look beautiful but it will frustrate her as she gets older. She will wish hers held a curl like Claire's does. And I will be there to share that frustration, and remind her how beautiful and silky smooth her hair is, even if it doesn't hold any sort of style!

5. I love that Emily seems to have my body. I don't know why, I just do!

6. No matter how mean she can get, she has a real loving nurturing side as well. I used to think she was the little mommy of the house.  The terrible twos and threes changed that. Now that she's around 3 1/2, that little mommy is coming back out at times. Oh how I missed that side of her!

7. She loves to kill bugs though. She acts like she likes them but then eagerly smashes them. I have to stop her from going after the really big ones in the house because she is not that quick, and they'll get loose!

8. She loves to make friends and talk to kids. She'll just randomly talk to any kid. They don't always understand her, but that's OK!

9. Emily gets scared very easily. she doesn't like being picked up too high over your head or swung around. she doesn't like any movies that have scary parts.. such as Shrek, Toy Story 3, the 3rd Tinkerbell movie, pretty much all the princess movies scare her as well.

10.Emily is very hot and cold.. she is lovin life to the fullest or not lovin it at all. she was like this as a baby- a sweet, happy, smiley girl  or angry, screaming thrashing thing..


Sommer said...

Emily totally looks like you. I loved this post, she reminds me of Nathan, must be a middle child thing =)

Darlene said...

If Emily takes after you, she will be a total joy.