"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Breaking out the sewing machine

Yes, I'm breaking out the sewing machine.. again! I'm pretty darn terrible at it., can't even sew a straight line. This totally brings me back to my 7th grade days of sewing a pillow and our "possessed" sewing machine, haha!

   So anyway, I am starting out with sewing some fleece liners for Noah's cloth diapers (only when he is in the prefolds- the fleece helps keep him dry, the other diaper have fleece in them already) they look like a first grader did it, haha it's really bad.

Since I am no good and I hate to waste money on fabric, I plan on practicing with the thousands of receiving blankets I have from when Claire was a baby. I think I will start with making an apron for the girls and see how that goes.

Once I feel more confident, I'll move onto making my own diaper covers and pocket diapers!



    Claire went to Home Dept with Matt. We just found out they have a kids thing the first Saturday of every month at all Home Dept.  Matt said she really loved it. The project was a football stand (or a little table for girls) She received her own apron and worked with a hammer, wood and wood glue!



graafics2 said...

That's great Claire! I knew exposing her to the dump truck and digger would pay off.

Sommer said...

Well you are better then I am because I can't even thread a sewing machine... let alone know how to turn it on. Good job Kara, I'm sure you're better then you think. You're kids are so cute!