"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Thursday, September 2, 2010


It was a boring,hot day today where all I wanted to do waas just stay in the house, so I decided to make cupcakes with the girls.  Cooking with them can be hard for me; I'll admit that I get a bit uptight about messes and doing it "just so".  This time I told myself that the only way any of us will have fun is if I just let it go and have fun.

Taking turns with the mixing
This was Emily's 'smile'

Filling up the cupcakes

Emily's nose practically touching it. 

This is serious work

Are they done yet?
Time for frosting!

I let them lick the spoon after frosting
Emily scooped up a huge spoonful before licking her spoon.
Time to eat!

Emmy even licked her plate clean


graafics2 said...

GREAT photos and GREAT story, Kara! It took three children, but your comment about 'the only way we were going to have fun is by letting go' of the concerns about a small mess is another big step toward fully enjoying your little ones. The two of you are raising some wonderful, beautiful children.

Sommer said...

Cute blog Kara. I'm glad you have one so we can keep in touch better =)I have one too if you want to see, the address is in my info on my facebook page. Your family is so cute. I can totally relate to the uptight while cooking with kids thing. I have to constantly remind myself to just relax and let them be kids and have fun. I never realized how uptight I am until I had kids. It really surprised me. Well keep these posts coming =)